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Turkish Oud - Luxury Range

Turkish Oud - Luxury Range

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Oud Luxe - Oriental Musical Splendor: (Delivered with bag and 3 plectrums)

Explore the musical splendor of the Orient with our Oud Luxe. This exceptional instrument embodies elegance and sophistication, offering an incomparable musical experience. Crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, this Oud Luxe produces deep, haunting tones that take each note to new heights. Whether you are an experienced virtuoso or a passionate amateur, this Oud Luxe becomes the jewel of your musical collection, symbolizing the quintessence of tradition and oriental art. Immerse yourself in the sonic opulence of the Orient with this Oud Luxe, where music and refinement meet harmoniously.

2 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

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