At 27 years old, I have been passionate about guitar since I was 12. My musical training was consolidated at the CIM Music School, from which I have just graduated, where I perfected my mastery, both theoretical and technical. Inspired by my own teachers, I strongly believe in the initial approach of learning pieces that move us.

Yet, looking back, I realize the importance of diving into the theoretical intricacies of music earlier. Today, I want to share this expertise with you, offering you a musical exploration through the guitar, while emphasizing theory if you wish.

My background includes varied collaborations, from orchestras to recording sessions to concerts with friends and bands. I am versatile and open to all styles, but my preferences are rock'n'roll, pop and jazz. Whether you aspire to fiery solos or gentle ballads, whether you simply want to accompany your voice or become a guitar virtuoso, I am here to support you.

In my 15 years of experience, I have learned that every musician has their own path. So, you decide which direction to take, and I adapt to help you achieve your musical goals.

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